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Mac Computer

Resources : The Open Source Initiative (OSI), a global non-profit focused on promoting and protecting open source software, development, and communities. : The Free Software Foundation, home of the GNU Project and GNU licensing resources.

Blue Bison : The friendly Bison website logo came from here, with kind permission from the artist. : Source of the Silk icon set, which are the small icons used on the DeadboltEdit toolbar.

Java : Java programming info and resources.

Zulu™ OpenJDK (Azul Systems) : Zulu™ is 100% OpenJDK for Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. My thanks go to Azul Systems for making this high quality resource available to the Java programming community :-)

Not-Yet-Commons-SSL : Excellent OpenSSL-compatible Java library, used in DeadboltEdit. : The Open Group - UNIX standards and resources.

SANS : SANS - Information security resources and training.