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Secure encrypting text editor for Mac OS X™, Windows™, and Linux™. A basic and simple text editor that uses strong Blowfish encryption to store files.

Safely edit and store private information, such as website login accounts.

  • Cross platform - versions for Mac OS X , Windows , and Linux. (Programmed in Java)
  • Strong Blowfish encryption.
  • Encrypted note files can be copied between Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.
  • Encrypted note files can be sent as e-mail attachments. (UTF-8 character encoded, MIME-compliant formatting)
  • Secure handling of encryption passwords: Passwords are internally encrypted in memory, except for the brief time they are used to generate encryption/decryption keys. Passwords and keys are never stored anywhere.
  • Easy to use - Encryption is integral and seamless. Just save the file, and enter a password (or pass-phrase) when prompted.
  • FREE to download and use.  DeadboltEdit is open source and made available subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

For complete details and download, please visit the DeadboltEdit website:

Why Does This Project Exist?
Very simply, this is the editor I wanted but couldn't find. Also, I love to program :-)