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June 11, 2018:
Net Neutrality - For Internet users in the United States, the FCC has ended legal protection for Net Neutrality, effective June 11. But there is hope; The US Senate has voted to overrule this decision, and now we need for the US House Of Representatives to take the same action.

Please help by using the link below to ask your Representative for their support.
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March 26, 2018:
DeadboltEdit V3.20 - DeadboltEdit V3.20 is available for download. This release includes improved printing and support for newer operating systems.

For more information and download, please visit the DeadboltEdit website:

Wise Words

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Secure encrypting text editor for Mac OS X™, Windows™, and Linux™. A basic and simple text editor that uses strong Blowfish encryption to store files.

Safely edit and store private information, such as website login accounts.


For complete details and download, please visit the DeadboltEdit website:

Why Does This Project Exist?
Very simply, this is the editor I wanted but couldn't find. Also, I love to program :-)